Hi!!! Finally had the time and kasipagan to write a blog. Please join me recap and reminisce our Cebu Adventure.

**DISCLAIMER: This post include prices of some of our expenses to serve as a reference to anyone who has plan on visiting Cebu, and not to boast or whatevah.

Cebu has always been known as a tourist destination in the Philippines. I, myself, had been to Cebu twice already. First was with my Titos, Titas and my cousins, and the most recent one was this – With my boyfriend, Jerome, to celebrate our 6th Anniversary.

September 3, 2018 (yup, ganon katagal!) – We booked our flight during this day. If I remember it right, there was a “seat sale”, but since it was our first time booking flights for ourselves, we thought that we actually saved a huge amount of money. We booked our flight for ₱6950.40 We really thought we saved money, hays. Anyway, the fare includes seat selection, 20kg baggage allowance, travel insurance and the basics. BUT!!! We saved naman amounting more than P200.00 since I am a big member -AirAsia’s Membership program-.

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Tough Guys Indoor Shooting Range

It’s been a long time since I last wrote an entry here, heehee. I actually have about two to three drafts that I was supposed to post, but since I felt like it was not yet ready to be posted (I felt like something is missing) I decided not to publish it. *Insert crying emoji. So here’s a pambawi for myself.

It has always been my dream to hold and shoot a gun –real guns. I’ve been telling my boyfriend, Jerome, that I want to experience shooting –indoor shooting range, at least. And since the day I told him about shooting, he keeps on agreeing and telling me that we will eventually do it, until days, weeks, months, and even a year passed, and no trace of shooting happened. Until lo and behold, Jerome found an ad about an indoor shooting range with a promo. Since we are a fan of promos and discounts, Jerome immediately tagged me on the Facebook ad. And who am I to say no? Continue reading “Tough Guys Indoor Shooting Range”

The Jump Yard Experience

This blog entry is fresh from the box!! So let me share this awesome experience with you, guys.

Truth be told, unplanned trips are definitely the best! Earlier this day, I got a call from my cousins asking me if I want to join them at the Jump Yard. Without hesitations, o’course I said yes!!! Duh! Choosy pa ba ako? We traveled for about half an hour from our house to Pampanga. Yes, there’s Jump Yard Pampanga, mind you!


*Photos taken after the experience

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And then…

And  then suddenly everything felt so cold;

Everything felt so dull.

I tried opening my eyes, 

but the darkness enveloped my sight.

And then the bearable cold

became even colder.

Looking for a cloth, I stretched my arm

seeking for something to make me warm.

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I got so bored, I visited my blog to see what’s up with my rusting blog and decided to just join The Sunday Currently wave. So let me give this one a try. *wink


Waves of memories by Jonaxx. Ali and Aia frustrates me so well, I can’t think of how the story will go, but hell! I’m enjoying it. Am a certified wattpad reader since who knows who, and proud.


Nothing aside from this entry.


To Kanye by The Chainsmokers.

One day I’ll stand with a crown on my head
Like a God yeah, like a God
With every step, no, I won’t second guess what I want

Was actually shuffling The Chainsmoker’s and Coldplay’s playlist on youtube.

about the book One Page at a Time by Adam J Kurtz I bought, but is still not using because I promise my self to use it once 2017 came. A little excited about it, eh.

The apple cider vinegar I used as a toner. Sucks, right? HAHAHA


for an adventure.  Skydiving, bungee jumping, cliff diving and the likes!

for a good birthday on December!!! Everytime I see a Christmas countdown I always, always deduct it by 10 to see how many more days are left before my birthday. Oh, birthday. I love birthdays!!

my typical pantulog; white shirt and a shorts.

this entry that served as an ice breaker from my boredom. Ew

some dessert. Always wanting some dessert. Sweet tooth always come in action whenever I’m not doing anything.

an FPGA board. Napakamahal naman kasi nun ‘no? Can’t try to experiment stuffs because that is so freaking expensive.

cold and accomplished. We are under signal # 2 right now -Bulacan. And as a perpetually cold person I always find the need to wrap myself in a blanket. Brrr! Wow! I actually finished writing this in less than 15 mins. Made me think that this actually ease my boredom -somehow, heehee. Will try to write and update my blog more often. Sana. Thanks for reading! Ciao!

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I’ve been very excited to write this since who knows when.

To start off, let me describe the whole event using just a word. WOW! Yup, that was it!

Three or maybe four weeks of anticipation and I might say everything is totally worth the wait!! 3-4 weeks ahead of time, the student coordinating council have been posting a lot of paper posters, invitations and the likes everywhere inside the FEU Tech. The first time I saw the invitations made my heart jump with excitement -for the iTam night. Come on! Who wouldn’t be excited to see and hear Hale, Rocksteddy, and Parokya ni Edgar sing live? But let us not focus on that first. Heeheeeeee!

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